The L2T team have over 50 years of combined thermo-fluid dynamics experience.

All senior team members have a PhD or masters and are Chartered/registered engineers.

Our passion is Aerodynamics/Wind,
Hydrodynamics and Heat Transfer.

On-Site Facilities

R&D facilities are all located on-site:

  • Computer cluster (HPC):  > 1200 cores located in a secure climate controlled server room.
  • Two industrial wind tunnels – largest in the southern hemisphere.
  • Various other on-site experimental and calibration rigs to ensure the most accurate results.


  • The L2T team prides itself on innovation, quality, rapid turnaround times, and cost-effective solutions.


  • On-site facilities, extensive industry experience and in-house R&D allow us to provide efficient and innovative solutions.


  • Our expertise and commitment to quality have enabled us to lead patent developments for customers.


  • L2T believes in making a positive impact on the world through innovation and sustainability. 


  • Our values are at the heart of everything we do. 


  • We are committed to promoting sustainable practices and staying ahead of the curve in our industry. 

Industry Recognised

L2T engineers are members of Engineers Australia


L2T offer a variety of engagement models including:

  • Time and materials
  • Fixed or project
  • Partnerships


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